Earthseeds Healing Through African Traditional Religion

April 28, 2022 @ 7:00PM — 8:30PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) Add to Calendar

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Earthseed: Healing thru African Traditional Religions

This is a Black folks only space facilitated by Thia

Thursday, April 28th; 4p (PST) / 7p (EST)

If you're seeking personal and community transformation and healing work, let's build a learning community together! This is a space for Black ATR practitioners new & old working with an elder, who are also interested in being freedom fighters.

This is a generative learning environment, no expertise is required. This space will begin as a once-a-month pop-up & be a collaborative participant-led support group to practice leadership and sharing gifts. Let's big up each other in our journeys.
Together, we will move towards world liberation practices that center healing, re-indigenization, and transformation within. My hope is we will support each other in becoming leaders of paradigm shifts that heal and rebalance ourselves, each other, our local community, and the planet.
Heyyy Earthseed. Because we’re doing our best to find folks that feel aligned with this group, please send a 30-sec video of yaself (with camera on)to sharing why you’re interested in the group.


About The Facilitator

Thia (they/them/xe/xir) is a Haitian nonbinary & queer, nuerodivergent human and learner of Life. I seek the paradigm shift that will heal and rebalance the planet and every being on it. Aligning myself with that mission, I am always aiming for growth, love, community, humility, healing, and ultimately liberation. Continuing the legacy of my ancestors, I’m an abolitionist fighting to establish a world that can operate outside these systems and institutions through community empowerment. Learn more here.


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